A heart-wrenching love story  ....

Talia, a young immigrant, settles at Castillo Candela, the domain of fellow Spaniards in Far North Queensland, Australia. There she falls in love with Alwyn, a mixed race Aborigine, whom she is forbidden to marry. When Alwyn joins the Australian forces in the Pacific and disappears following his capture by the Japanese, Talia finds solace in painting the landscapes of her adopted homeland, hoping and waiting for Alwyn's return.

Praise for the novel

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. The last two pages were hard to get through or to even be able to see them through tears. It was a beautiful story and has added even more beauty to a place I love so dearly. I've never cried over a book before, and never tried to seek out an author to try to thank them personally so Thank You for the amazing read."

Ben Murphy, Australia

"You had us right from the get-go, first page, hook, line  and sinker. My mother even Googled the places as she was reading, that is how into it she was.... There are not many books that can make me hold my breath in anticipation, make me cry, feel as if I was there with the characters, and I dreaded reading the last couple of pages because that meant the end of a great book.  Yours is on my "to read again" shelf."

Norma Peters, Toronto

The Girl from Mena Creek was first published in Queensland, Australia in 2013 and has sold over 2,500 copies worldwide.  Since then it has been translated into Chinese. The novel is now available worldwide as an e-book or softcover edition.