The Girl from Mena Creek

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Girl from Mena Creek_cover eproof.jpg

The Girl from Mena Creek


Five-year old Talia leaves her native Spain to immigrate to Australia, meeting her father for the first time and beginning a new life amidst the tall cane of sub-tropical North Queensland.

The family eventually settles on the estate of fellow Spaniards, the Candela family, and for the next two decades Talia lives alongside them, in the surroundings of their grand home, the Castillo Candela.

They share more than twenty years of sickness and happiness, ravaging storms and lush and breathtaking natural beauty, war and love, abandonment and ruin.

Even though Talia must ultimately leave the castle, she is forever changed. Her heart will always beat to the rhythm of Mena Creek and a love she can never forget.

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The Girl from Mena Creek was first published in Queensland, Australia in 2013 and has sold over 2,000 copies there.  Since then it has been translated into Chinese, and this edition is now available in several countries including Australia.

The novel follows the story of Talia, a young girl who emigrates to Australia from Spain during the late 1920s.  Her family settles on the Castillo Candela estate along Mena Creek. There Talia meets and falls in love with Alwyn, a mixed race Aborigine, whom she is forbidden to marry. In an effort to make himself more acceptable to her family, Alwyn joins the Australian forces in the Pacific.  But he disappears when his unit is captured by the Japanese.

The Girl from Mena Creek is about Talia's struggle for the one she loves in a place that is both beautiful and hostile.